Library news, no.535, the Shorttle Cocktail edition

As retweeted by @Sim0nRedfern – does anyone disagree?

To stop REF game playing, why not let everyone take part?

David Price argues that axeing staff selection would remove the temptation to manipulate data and protect careers …

Interesting view of academics from an ex-manager’s perspective

Academics, you need to be managed. It’s time to accept that

7 Crazy Realities of Scientific Publishing

A slightly tongue in cheek description of the process, worth the read I thought

The scientific method is one of the cornerstones of science (the others being lab coats and the use of Greek letters in equations). First you make an observation (“why is my car making a funny noise?”), then you form a hypothesis (“it sounds like my tire is flat”), make a testable prediction (“if my tire is flat, then it should be deflated when I pull my car over and look at it”), and finally obtain data by performing your test (“Yes, it’s flat! I’m a Science God!…Oh, shit.”).

Modern science has added another step to the scientific method that you didn’t learn in third grade: publish your results. Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals are arguably the most important avenue for scientists to follow the research of others and share their own research with other scientists or the public. However, the rise of academic publishing companies as insanely profitable businesses and the intense pressure on scientists to publish has poked so many holes in the scientific method that it now resembles an undergrad’s lab coat after experiments with sulfuric acid.

Sharing Research Data and Intellectual Property Law: A Primer

Sharing research data by depositing it in connection with a published article or otherwise making data publicly available sometimes raises intellectual property questions in the minds of depositing researchers, their employers, their funders, and other researchers who seek to reuse research data. In this context or in the drafting of data management plans, common questions are (1) what are the legal rights in data; (2) who has these rights; and (3) how does one with these rights use them to share data in a way that permits or encourages productive downstream uses? Leaving to the side privacy and national security laws that regulate sharing certain types of data, this Perspective explains how to work through the general intellectual property and contractual issues for all research data.

3 Industries that will be hit by climate change

The title says it all

Could this be useful? How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Learning with Python: Interactive Edition 2.0 Welcome! Take a tour, experiment with Python, join more than 850,000 other readers in learning how to think like a computer scientist with Python.

WARPIT (pronounce ‘warp it’ rather than ‘war pit’ as I first read it)

This looks like a good idea, WarpIt   is a network that allows you to find and/or dispose of items that you need or not longer need. I’ve got some old toner cartridges I would like to get rid of, I’ll see how it goes and let you know.

Do you want science? Yeah!!!! Do you want it Naked? err maybe …

What you really want is to hear all about climate change as reported by the naked scientists? Here it is as produced by our very own band new Dr Jo Kerr & featuring another new succesful recent PhD Dr Julia Gottschalkk – congratulations to you both.  You can listen to it on line or download it from here.

Let’s learn a new language

hurrah, sign up with the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP) for next easter, very relaxing. Transferrable skills galore.


The Dino Song

David Norman tells all about the Dino craze than swept the country a century and a half ago. And also, did you know that there was such a thing as CambridgeTV?

Here are the videos from the launch of the William Smith map in the museum

The first is Ken McNamara giving some background about how we came to get this glorious map up on the museum wall and introducing Hugh Torrens who gave a shorth(-ish) talk about William Smith and the circumstances surrounding the creation of the map, Smith himself & his enemies

Make sure to subscribe to the department’s latest YouTube Channel

Cambridge Volcano Seismology

Here’s one they made earlier

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse- on Sunday 27th

Read all abut here


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Library news, no. 534, The Scooter edition

Dutch boycott of Elsevier

Danny Kingsley the University’s head of scholarly communications examines the possible implications

“A long running dispute between Dutch universities and Elsevier has taken an interesting turn. Yesterday Koen Becking, chairman of the Executive Board of Tilburg University who has been negotiating with scientific publishers about an open access policy on behalf of Dutch universities with his colleague Gerard Meijer, announced a plan to start boycotting Elsevier.”  Read more

Now you may wonder where all the money goes and to whom, here’s a wonderful tool to help you answer all those questions:

Open access still have you confused? Why not go through this FAQ provided by the open access @ cambridge team

Ancient mini-monster head mystery solved – here’s how we did it

Javier Ortega-Hernándezb, Sylvain Gerber & Nick Butterfield’s latest paper was picked by the New York Times amongst many others


This from Martin Smith’s Nature paper

Simon Redfern shares with us his discovery of

 The Magna Carta of Geology

Here, you’ll find photos from the official unveiling of the ‘lost’ treasure

Undergrad Mapping Fame

Four of our intrepid mappers made the headlines in the Flin Flon Reminder earlier this summer, read all about the “aspiring geologists all the way from Britain” here (

This is a super & simple use of charts to illustrate a point


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Now published

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Zhao, Pu (2015) The structure-property relations of zeolitic imidazolate framework 7 for carbon dioxide capture. PhD thesis, University of Cambridge.

Current Earth Sciences Library News, No. 533, Where’s the South West song? edition

Bank holiday hours:

The library will be open on Monday 25th May from 10:00 to 16:45

Alumni Day news

I think we can all agree that the day was a tremendous success and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it. I was greatly encouraged by the number of people who came to see the library’s treasures. My thanks to Douglas Palmer for the Women Pioneers in Geology posters, Andrew for the logistics help, and Stephen Pates for supplying the lovely images of the Smith 1815 map. You can now copies of the images and the photographs taken by Richard Stockey on Flickr including the Smith map in sections, or if you’d rather have a pdf copy of “Smith’s strata identified by organized fossils” click here and here for the “Table of organized fossils”.

Here’s the video of pictures

New laptops in the Library news

There’s 8 new laptops in the library replacing some of our more aged desktop machines. A lovely thing is that they make it possible to have dual screens. They are still dual boot but now Windows boots first. There’s also an additional 6 laptops available to borrow for trips, or class room work – contact the library if you need to borrow them.

Department in the news

Nepal Earthquake news (this is slightly dated but relevant still)

As I’m sure you’re all aware a disastrous 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday 25th April with many aftershocks, the most serious of which was at 7.3 on 12 May. James Jackson, was quoted in several news sources, including the Telegraph & the Independent 

There’s more & I would say better quality information from the excellent Earthquake Without Frontiers blog –

The Core

If you missed Simon Redfern’s appearance on In Our Time hosted by Melvin Bragg, to discuss the earth’s core, along with (ex-department member) Arwen Deuss of Utrecht University & Oxford’s Stephen Blundell, you can still catch it on the iPlayer,  or download & keep it for posterity from here (

Sedgwick Club Photographs

A message from the committee

The proofs are back and available for consultation & viewing in the library, on the table in the middle of the computer area. Fill in the forms as quick as possible with a hoped for collection date of the Sedgwick Club May Ball day, Thursday 18th June. By the way have you bought your ticket yet?

Open Access News

The University’s Open Access Board has decided that they will no longer fund page or colour charges from the RCUK provided OA fund. This decision wasn’t announced anywhere, much to the inconvenience of several of our authors. The minutes from the most recent meeting of the Project Board for OA have just become available and this the explanation for this sudden decision:

“In view of concerns about future exhaustion of the RCUK annual block grant, new measures should be introduced. First, page and colour charges should no longer be paid from the Fund (in alignment with Wellcome Trust policy). Second, a contingency plan should come into force when expenditure reached 50% of the RCUK block grant. However, the possible parameters of such a contingency plan were complex, particularly in relation to non-science disciplines, and a more detailed proposal was needed.”

This is a serious issue, people are making decisions about where to publish based on open access charges but also page charge fees.

One can argue that we shouldn’t be encouraging publishers like Elsevier & Springer to continue their seemingly unfettered use** of university resources, so an author may chose to publish with someone that has a kinder, gentler attitude to Open Access such as AGU***  (e.g. they not only allow but insist that their pdfs should be used in OA repositories after the embargo period). That choice being made you made then find yourself with colour page charges in the thousands of dollars. From what I’ve been told, page charges & publication fees are not something can be included in grant applications anymore, so that it actually makes more sense to plump for the journal which  is seemingly the better deal & the easier to get from

It is commendable for the Project Board to be concerned about the future when for when RCUK no longer provides funding for Article Processing Charges (APC) but there’s been no mention of this ceasing, certainly within the next 5 years

Further consideration to the matter has to be the very tight deadline set by HEFCE, stating that for post 2016 REF purposes any paper put forward MUST be open access and MUST have been deposited no later than 3 months after acceptance. And now Elsevier have just updated their sharing and hosting policies entitled, apparently without irony, “Unleashing the power of academic sharing“. The main point being that we can no longer host post refereed but pre published papers on a publicly accessible repository. This new policy has been received with dismay and much criticism in the OA community.

*However, unlike the Welcome Trust the board isn’t going to fund EVERY publication, which is what the Trust does- see the Trust’s position statement
**Here’s how publishers make their profits from this university

  1. We pay them a yearly subscriptions for access to journals
  2. We give them, free of charge, our papers to publish – so much so we even give them the copyright (unless we pay OA charges)
  3. We give them staff time in terms of reviewing the papers’ of other academics
  4. We then pay them something around £1,800 for each paper we want to make gold open access

*** I know are published by Wiley but they have different rules to Wiley’s ‘own’ publications

There’s also a big push for data management & deposit, for a general overview about data management click here and to get more information about research data policies from the various funders & research councils, click here

Good news for EU funded project

Researchers can benefit from €4m fund to cover the costs of Open Access publishing for post-grants publications

The OpenAIRE2020 project has launched its Gold Open Access (OA) Pilot to stimulate publishing in OA journals in Europe by providing funding to cover all or part of the costs of post grant OA publications arising from projects funded under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7). More here

ORCID – have you registered yet?

What is it?

ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher – find out more from here

How do I register?

Registration takes 30 seconds from here

What now?

If you have already registered can you forward the details to me and/or Jun  please as we’re looking at integrating ORCID numbers into the personel database, and I would like to start attaching ORCIDs to publications. We’re looking at a plugin for ePrints which would allow us to enter this and more metadata into the publications database

Almost lastly – images

It’s been decided to build up our own photograph and graphic repository. This seems to make sense when you think about amount material we produce, and it may also be useful to have a resource we can go to and quickly find the image (or diagram or graph, perhaps) we’re looking for. There’s a small number already in the database, just got to eprints and look under Division section for images ( So I’m calling out to any of you who would like to donate your images to our repository. The criteria are that they must be yours, i.e. you must own them, and that you are willing to share them publicly.


This looks fun – T-Rex autopsy


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Current Earth Sciences Library News, No. 532, the goodbye James edition

Closure news

The library will have no staff on Wednesday 1st April and also over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Back to normal on Tuesday

Arran Report (with deepest apologies to the current Arran group)

Well what a wonderful field trip location Arran is …

Sunset over Arran

Lochranza shore

I don’t think it ever rains … 

Rainbow over Brodick bay

& then only so you can have a lovely rainbow over the bay.

You get to see lots of rocks (of course) but…

There’s also plenty of wildlife, try to see the Scotland’s Big 5 

& if you’re lucky you witness some plucky demonstrators & students throw themselves in the balmy shallows of the Blackwaterfoot lagoon 

And it all ends with an eclipse.

A big thank you to every one who made this possible, it was truly outstanding. All the pictures can be found here 

Journals news

There’s a lot going on with journals right now, but these two stories caught my eye.

Nature offers a ‘fast track’ peer review service for $750 & Editor resigns over it

Professor Mark Maslin has resigned as an editor of Scientific Reports, one of Nature Publishing Group’s (NPG’s) open-access journals. This is in protest over NPG’s recent decision to allow authors to pay money to expedite peer review of their submitted papers. More from the UCL piece and from Science, you can also follow @ProfMarkMaslin on Twitter

This from the Washington Post “Major publisher retracts 43 scientific papers amid wider fake peer-review scandal”

This statement from Cope (Committee on publication ethics) on the matter

Useful mapping tool?

The OS has released a mapping tool that gives a detailed picture of local information in almost every corner of Great Britain has been released by Ordnance Survey (OS).

William Smith map found

Continuing to ramp up the excitement about the bicentennial of the William Smith map the Geological Society have announced they’ve found a misplaced copy of their own.

Video fun

Here’s a lovely montage of snaps taken at thel Sedgwick Club Conference


I’d like to thank Mumdood Passa for his inspiration on this issue of the Library News!


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Current Earth Sciences Library News, No. 531 – the Moments of wonder edition

In case you missed it News

James Jackson was awarded the Woolaston medal by the Geological Society for 2015. In case you don’t know what that is here’s a little more about it and a list of prior recipients

Talking of the Geological Society

They are having a big book sale on if you fancy

Bullard News

Until further notice I will be going to the Bullard first on Monday mornings & so the library office will be shut.

Don’t be fooled by the closing gender gap in science PhDs News

What’s really happened is that fewer men – not more women– are studying for PhDs, new US research reveals read more here

Controversial News

Oklahoma had 3 times as many earthquakes as California in 2014, is fracking responsible?

World Map & language fun

“Type in any word in any language” and MAP IT Warning – recreates the experience of a badly dubbed film.

Video fun

Thanks to a Tweet from Richard Harrison for this – a MUST WATCH

Publications – due to some technical problems with eprints this is a reduced list

Brown, Caleb Marshall and VanBuren, Collin S. and Larson, Derek W. and Brink, Kirstin S. and Campione, Nicolás E. and Vavrek, Matthew J. and Evans, David C. (2015) Tooth counts through growth in diapsid reptiles: implications for interpreting individual and size-related variation in the fossil record. Journal of Anatomy.

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