Is it too late for blogging?

First thing I can report about this blog is that I remembered the password after 18 months of inactivity.  Second thing is pondering why the spell check in the blog software underlines the word ‘blog’ as a spelling mistake?  You’d think that blog would be a word they’d know about.

I’m going to do this as part of the cam23 project. I had thought of not joining – these are some, but not all of the reasons why:

  1. I like to think that I’m pretty up to date and conversant with 2.0 technology
  2. I’m not entirely persuaded that a lot of 2.0 technology isn’t a waste of time – I genuinely  do wonder where people get all this time to do all the stuff they do. I’m at the point of considering that I may suffer from prolonged  black outs and am losing 3 or 4 hours a day – this would explain much that hasn’t gone on in my life
  3. I’m also not entirely sure that 2.0 hasn’t reached  its tipping point, and that a lot of the technology we’ll be using and looking at will be obsolete within a few months

So why have I decided to join (again not an exhaustive (?) list):

  1. Having stated the above I do believe that keeping abreast of technology is part of our remit. So whether the technology turns out to be rubbish or useless to our job is actually almost an irrelevancy
  2. For a sense of community, sharing ideas, experiences, results and support
  3. To discover where I’ve put the menu on this blog so that I can amend it
  4. More procrastination – that’s always in short supply

OK, need to get on with what I’m paid to do. More in 18 months perhaps … . I think we have to join or say we’re joining, need to investigate …

2 thoughts on “Is it too late for blogging?

  1. Excellent points all. I think the ultimate aim of Cam23 is less to teach people about how to use specific web 2.0 tools than to encourage an open-mindedness towards new forms of communication and new ways of working. Many of the individual apps we’ll look at will obsolesce naturally or be superseded, but it’s the underlying approaches that we want to get participants thinking about, even more than any benefits they find for their own working practices.

    For the record I’m about to add your blog’s RSS feed to my iGoogle so hope you’ll have more to say soon! 🙂

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