And then what do you do?

You’ve got your blog (the word blog still being highlighted as a spelling mistake)  all set up, and you’ve written a couple of posts on things you really cared and had opinions about. Where to now? Do you treat this as a personal diary or journal? I’m not too sure about the wisdom of that one. Is it a work notebook maybe?  As with the personal, how much do you share? Do you know how much you’re sharing?

A paradox of the ‘cloud’ era: privacy and digital preservation. Currently because of stuff I’m trying to work out in the library I’ve become a little obsessed with digital preservation (e.g. google books bad – open library good), and focusing more and more on the technical aspects of it: how do we physically do this successfully?

On the other hand the rise of social networks and the issues about privacy that they raise has made us increasingly aware that once you put something out on the Internet it is ‘out there forever’. Is no-one working to harness the power of the ‘out there forever’ indiscreet photos on flickr/facebook & drunken emails sent to “all” and using it to preserve digital materials?

Anyway, all this not quite where I set off from but there you are.

Why are some mirrors very kind and others just plain vindictive?

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