Cam23: Thing 1, set up igoogle page – Fail!

And onwards with the new adventure. Cam23 is launched  and we start with Thing 1.

I already had a google account for the library  so I went to igoogle to add all sorts of exiting things. Didn’t like the stuff on there, got rid of most of it. Wanted to add the google map of department and faculty libraries I’ve made (work in progress – link on the side) but couldn’t do it. Maybe I can’t, maybe it’s not designed for that, or if it is then it’s not easy. Am I expecting too much? That I could integrate one google thing, google maps, into another, igoogle? I had a similarly frustrating time with the youtube gadget wanted to have video from projectinfolit displayed – which is relevant to our project – but kept getting that stupid promoted video. Sigh. Consequently I’ve deleted the youtube gadget as well.

Here is what I have:

  • Copac
  • Cambridge past exam papers – not entirely a success
  • UL library widget – the link is to a “the page you are looking for cannot be found message”
  • Google maps – I don’t know of where as I’m still trying to get my google map to show up in there
  • A to do list

I’ve tried to add worldcat twice but with no success.

I have to say that I’ve never been overly impressed with these home made portal pages (yahoo also has it), because I can’t really see the point of them. How do I use it? Why do I use it? Is it for me or for the library users? Or anyone looking in?

I’m not going to blame the tools though. It’s just not for me. I’ll keep using the google account for docs and maps and other things I may discover, but I don’t think as it is that igoogle is for me …

We shall see

3 thoughts on “Cam23: Thing 1, set up igoogle page – Fail!

  1. I wasn’t particularly impressed by iGoogle either, but someone commenting on the post sounds like they’re using it quite effectively, so it obviously can be done.

    1. Hello Magistra (Magi? Madge?),

      Well have had another go at it. I think Emma ( loves igoogle. But you know am beginning to wonder if ones reactions to it is not dependant on what you do day in day out. I suspect that if you work in a college or department library, especially a small to medium one, your duties will include a multitude of various tasks that come at you in an unpredictable wave day in day out and therefore you have many tools on which you rely which may or may not be used daily, weekly or monthly but are certainly going to be used during the course of the year. Whereas librarians who’s jobs tends to concentrate in one broad area – for instance being a cataloguer or serials coordinator, or reference librarian – will have a smaller arsenal of tools which they use more often. This, I think is more easy to deposit all the on-line tools you might use in one place, where as lots, of sometimes seldom, used tools are not so easy to accommodate – never mind find among the plethora of virtual pets, different ways to display weather and to follow things going on in the States on the gadgets page.

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