Thoughts about Things

Cam23 launched on Monday at the Judge Library, with lots of librarians attending*. There was, I thought, quite a buzz in the room, a sense of anticipation. We were asked to find buddies to pair up with. I shamelessly agreed to buddy up with at least 4 people, my rationale being that if this project is to succeed then support is very important. I hope I’m not treading on any toes by offering mine to more than one person.

So, I’ve done the first two Things, has it been worth it? Yes, definitely. In light of some skepticism in my first post about the project- though more about web 2.0 – this may seem surprising. I’ve learned some things. That always makes anything worthwhile doesn’t it? I think the most important thing I’ve learned, or re-learned, is that discovering and using new tools are not entirely the same thing. Take igoogle for example, because I have a google account for the library I had come across igoogle, and looked at it a few times but really wasn’t tempted to even try doing anything with it. Now I have, I still don’t think it’s for me, but at least now I can say I’ve tried it with a purpose.I’m not dismissing it just because I don’t like the look of it. Cam23 has given me a context within which to really use and evaluate some of these tools – some that I’ve used before, some not.

Anyone new to web 2.0 technologies and wishing to learn about them should really take this opportunity to try them out with the focus that cam23 brings.

Lastly, I’ve set up a little survey for each of the Things – there’s two part to each thing; the first asks if you’ve done the Thing/s of the week and the second is a text box  where you can ask for help or leave comments – good or bad. I’ve also set it up so that anyone can look at the results should they so desire.

Now I need to do some twitter sorting, but maybe later. I’ve got work tomorrow and the Belleville Rendez-vous to watch right now…

*have we agreed yet on what the collective noun for librarians is? Is it a silence of librarians, or a stack? I like the idea of a cardigan of librarians

7 thoughts on “Thoughts about Things

  1. Wow, P&F, great post. Thank you for the idea of ‘trying with a purpose’ – I don’t think I could better express what the Cam23 project team was collectively hoping might come out of the programme.

    I like the idea of “a din of librarians” … just to counteract the stereotype.

    Incidentally, is Belleville Rendez-vous the animated film about nefarious plotting during the Tour de France? It looked very groovy when I saw a trailer awhile ago …

    1. Thanks. Yes indeed Belleville Rendez-vous is the one about a plucky grandma, and her dog’s mission to rescue her grandson from the clutches of the notorious Tour de France snatchers. It’s brilliant.
      Now what does P & F mean? can’t find it even in urban dictionary

  2. What about those of us who don’t wear cardigans? I think I prefer a stack…or maybe it should be a catalogue of librarians? That way it conjures up an image of a group of librarians, who may or may not be wearing cardigans, striking a cheesey pose. That settles it ….it’s a vogue of librarians!

    1. And of course I forgot the male of the species. Which would be a beard of librarians. Even though I do get quite emotional at the thought of a librarian who doesn’t wear cardigans your point is a valid one. I like a vogue of librarians – but would anyone but ourselves agree to it?
      A Casanova of librarians?

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