Car crash or stroke of genius?

Perhaps both. I now have the words in my head, am singing it as I prepare the Library News and I’ll be demonstrating my own choreography in a short while in the quiet reading room.

6 thoughts on “Car crash or stroke of genius?

  1. I have a similarly dual reaction to it. I’m not sure it does a huge amount to dispel stereotypes but at the same time it’s quite good fun and hats off to all the participants for their bravery. I have also been singing it in my head since I watched it.

    Viral marketing? 🙂

  2. What I do like are the lyrics. I will have to hunt as I’m sure I saw a link to them somewhere online.

    “Don’t forget the databases”

    1. Miss Crail,

      It is worth hearing it. Blame your tech people or administrative people for not having a sound card – nothing to do with the library.
      On a serious point sound in libraries is becoming increasing important when you think about the number of on line resources available via the ubiquitous youtube, vimeo but also home grown stuff – one of our lecturers has made videos explaining some problem solving methods. No sounds = students looking at how a professor moves a pen across a white board and makes some marks.


  3. Jane Kennerley, after ten and a half years as Librarian of the Judge Institute, reckoned she was likeliest to be remembered for her role in a Spice Girls video at a Christmas revue.

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