Picture. 1,000 words? Not entirely

La troisieme chose et, bien sur quatrieme

Clearly from previous post I already had the blog – albeit in deep hibernation. Thus Thing 3 has been easy enough to achieve in the first part of the task. Thing 4 is being done now as I’m faffing with adding a my screen shot – mucking about with aesthtics of it. Now I’m supposed to use this page as my home page … . Hmmmmm. Anyway filled in the registration form. Was a bit put off by the mandatory fill in your name part. OK, think that’s it for now. I’ve got a great big post inside waiting to get out about some of these things but have to let it reduce to less of a rant and more or a reasoned argument. But I could rant about Snapshots on all the other blogs am reading, oh yes I could …

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