Runaway train

Well I think this whole cam23 thing and it’s things has gone off far too well. Where’s the cynicism? The nay-saying? the prognostications of doom and failure? The reluctance to join in? On a personal level I make it a policy point to say ” mmmm, sounds interesting but I’m not much of a joiner” to most things. I have tried to look at most people’s blogs as they crop up but have you seen how many there are?!? And for crying out loud it’s all full of interesting stuff too.

(For no reason that I can think of Mike Yarwood has suddenly popped into my head – that will mean nothing to those of you under 35 (or is it 40?))

Yesterday was busy so haven’t really kept track of all that’s been written and done by others. But it struck me that I missed out on one part of the things – where one talks about current 2.0 uses and experience.

List of things so far:

  • google account: I have several most of them under pseudonyms and used for different purposes. For cam23 I created my igoogle page from my pre-existing libraryhelp account which I set up for the calendar, youtube account and mostly for the creation of slight mashups; the first being a map of undergrad projects and second a faculty & department libraries map. I also have a yahoo account which for work I used to create pipes – most successful so far is of departmental publications.
  • rss: I’ve been subscribing to feeds for a couple of years now and I get them in my Thunderbird mail box. I find this method of receiving & reading feeds the most satisfactory – I had tried various aggrogators – as it’s not something else I have to launch, it’s there instantly with all my other daily things, including my calendar with tasks and events. I love thunderbird I think it’s a brilliant tool and version 3 with the tabs is miles better than anything else I’ve come across.
  • Twitter, felt that it was inevitable so signed up a while ago but other than following people, posting an announcement about the fortnightly Library News being published and the odd exchange with a few other librarians or ex-students hadn’t really been using it much. As with rss feeds I think that the success of these tools on a personal level greatly depends on one finding a way one likes to get/receive/use these tools. Plug for echofon here, little firefox add-on wich sits in your status bar and pops up whenever a new message arrives. tried Tweetdeck but found it too much of a commitment.
  • Have used doodle as participant – for the lovely journals coordination meeting – and as organiser to schedule post grad induction sessions
  • Google calendar: libraryhelp has one but I use the Lightning calendar add-on for thunderbird, plus a FOSS  (free and open source software) calendar ( which sits on a shared drive for staff sharing and use.

Summing up my opinion of  all things google is very much one of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I believe slowly walking into an even more  google dominated Internet is something we have to be very careful of e.g. see ucs announcement about google apps – let’s not fool ourselves any of this is free: see those adds hat pop-up in your gmail? that’s the result of the price we pay – allowing a privately owned corporation to have access to, trawl through and use our data.

Nuff said.

6 thoughts on “Runaway train

  1. Hi – interesting read. I agree about the Google domination (what is it going to do with all this stuff?) and about RSS feeds going into Thunderbird, which is what I do with mine. Twitter I do find very useful for ebooks (more on this story later) but less for for “ordinary” library stuff. I haven’t tried Google calendar, I tend to rely on paper to remind me where I am supposed to be.
    You’ll have to explain to me about pipes sometime!

    1. Yahoo pipes are part of the mashup culture – happily they are much more complicated looking that they are to use.
      re calendars: I have paper – I write/start a to do list each morning on an index card and I have a couple of notebooks I cart around. I have reminders on my thunderbird calendar, some on the shared staff calendar, and some on my mobile. I also use the timer feature on the phone if I’m trying to concentrate solidly on something – set it for 30 or 60 minutes and just don’t let anything interfere.

  2. Google calendar the best – always available on home pc, blackberry when away from home and work. Can have my WHOLE life planned out. I love the task list that is another feature of google calendar and the whole sharing thing with others works brilliantly. Just a matter of training all the staff to be as fixated on google calendars as I am 🙂

    1. Do you have a calendar for serendipity? (smiley face)
      See it never occurred to me that one would need a calendar for home stuff – but then I realised, yes if you have children that roam, and working partners and a busy social life it all needs coordinating.

  3. Glad you’ve raised the issue of RSS feeds in email, it can work beautifully- sadly I’m not always in control of my inbox! I beta tested Thunderbird 3 and we had some initial problems getting search results to display properly in the tabs, all fixed and I’m glad you enjoy using it above and beyond email.

    LOVE your greyscale Cam23 badge! You just can’t beat that classy monochrome style. I really enjoy reading your blog, keep it coming.

    1. Hi Ange, thanks for the comments and the permission to muck about with the banner – glad you like it. The rss reader as part of email client makes sense to me, and quite frankly am puzzled why google haven’t merged the two; or at least given the option to users of doing so. Unless of course they have and I’ve completely missed. INCONCEIVABLE! Still it’s a google FAIL if I (a humble bloggoteer) can’t find it easily.

      I like your blog too, lot’s of variety, but where do you find the time??

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