The Dude – Thing 5

Below: Hand-crafted image of Thing 5

The Dood
People who have confimed they won't be attending a fictional meeting

Doodle & Me: our tune …

Doodle: scheduling canoodling while doodling. Oh for crying out loud, what is it about this tool’s name that has trapped so many of us into puns and wordplay?

I have used The Dood for a while. I first met him when I was being lured into attending a JCS meeting. Then last year I used it, very satisfactorily – both for those being polled and myself – to arrange suitable times for Postgraduate library inductions. The situation was as follows: I had to arrange sessions for  15 students from two sites, the sessions were to held at our Downing site location and I wanted to offer the choice of early morning sessions and late afternoon sessions rather than dictate set times and thereby risk a poor uptake due to clashes in schedules (am sure that’s why students don’t turn up to library inductions, clashes in schedules, can’t be anything else can it?). It took The Dood and I about eleven minutes to set up a proposed time table with ten possible slots and to send the link to all those involved via email – yes very Web nul point but it does have its uses as Miss Crail saliently points out – and if I remember correctly within about 24 hours  I had four sessions set up. Everyone turned up when tey said they would – admittedly biscuits and cheese were used as additional bait (note to self: have savoury biscuits next time not chocolate chip cookies).

Haven’t used it since, haven’t had the need, but I know I’ll use it again next Michaelmas to arrange the Postgraduate library induction sessions and I may also use them for the undergrad ones too.

Couple of thoughts: Marsh mentions her frustration at not being able to work out who a lot of us are. I know the stalker in me has also tried to pinpoint who it is that I’m reading – although if/when I do find out I’m no clearer about the person because for the most part I don’t know them – there’ve been numerous posts about how Cam23 is also creating a real community – though I do find that though I don’t know them personally, finding where they work helps to contextualise their posts, their opinions, what it all means in terms of their work.

So perhaps saying not which library, but what type of library (college, dept, faculty, UL) we work in could be a sort of halfway between staying anonymous and revealing all. By the way lots of people’s email addresses can be seen on their igoogle page screen dumps.

2 thoughts on “The Dude – Thing 5

  1. Hey Dude

    I did exactly the same thing for my Endnote sessions with the postgrads in Michaelmas Term and lo and behold we had a group or two who showed up. Some still didn’t but hey I didn’t do the biscuit thingy stuff (why ever not you ask, surely I learnt SOMETHING from being librarian at your place!).

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