WEB 3.0… Already? Nahhh, just tagging

I’ve read the intro to tagging on the cam23 blog but I’m more interested in tagging as it relates to the Semantic Web or what some say will be web 3.0

perhaps it’s a little too soon to start talking about 3.0, but I do think there are some common points between tagging and the semantic web idea. I’ve been reading quite a bit about the semantic web and looking at FOAF, and rdf (wiki or w3c) and ontologies and frankly while I may admire the idea I just don’t see how the structure can be put into action (is that the correct term?). Anyway, you can see parts of it beginning to emerge in things like microformats (or this primer). If you want to try see how they work and you use Firefox as your browser you can install the Operator add-on – but in case you can’t be bothered here are some screenshots:

Operator is a toolbar which will pick up any mircoformats which have been written into the html of a web page

Microformats available are contacts, tagspaces and resources

The next picture shows what you can do with the information, first, Contacts

cam23 with operator contacts
The export is an electronic business card in vcf format

Second, a look at the tagspaces

cam23 with operator tag nenu
tagspaces menu gives you a number of options that you may click on

I’ve probably gone off message a little. Much like Celine on thingblog I feel I can’t NOT read all the blogs, I know I don’t have to, but I feel I must. That to say that I haven’t read (m)any posts on tagging other than the intro on the cam23 blog. So other than in the semantic web sense I can’t say I’ve thought much about tagging, sometimes I’ve found it useful; I have (yet another) Firefox add-on read it later and tag most of my entries in it, but when I was trying out delicious about 3 years ago I found tagging the entries more than a chore/bore. I’m using tags on this blog evidently, but I’m not so sure it would be of any use in searching. I’m relying more on people using the link in the tags if they want to see what else I may have written with that same tag.

As with all these things I think we’re driven by context, are we looking to user or colleague centered applications? One thing that is being highlighted for me anyway through a more rigorous trial and use of some of these technologies, is that there is a considerable forking of the ‘road’ between what we do to help those that use our libraries and what we do, which tools we use,  for ourselves as professionals. Of course the latter will influence how effective we are in providing best service to the former, our users.

this has been like pulling teeth – mostly dealing with typos. Now to spend the next three hours working out why the video hasn’t embedded.

I need a laugh now – actually a good illustration of the power of design

One thought on “WEB 3.0… Already? Nahhh, just tagging

  1. Really interesting post. ‘Web 3.0’ and the ‘semantic web’ are things I’ve heard about but that I’ve been burying my head in the sand from for a while now. So I’m going to bookmark this post, and hopefully use the links as a starting point for some investigation about what people are saying. (As you can see from how long it’s taken me to comment here, it might tale me w while to get round to the following-up…)

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