I thing I’ve hit cam23 fatigue. I am, as always, intending to make this a short post but will most likely spend far too long faffing with it. So, delicious, let’s go hunt for it. Ahh there it is. 126 bookmarks, last added to January 2006. Oh dear.

image of delicous bookmark
An abandonned child: Delboy

Why the neglect? Seems to have some good bookmarks. Truth is I found something I like better. A couple of somethings. One is portable apps. As the name suggests it is a means of carrying your favourite applications about on a memory stick. One of the apps I have is Firefox – so I carry my bookmarks, as well as my zotero and readitlater files, pretty much all the time. There’s loads of apps you can download, well worth having if you’re traveling about and having to do presentations without being too sure what kind of set-up you’ll be given. Of course you do have to remember to take your memory stick with you. So portable apps is one thing I found I liked better than delicious and the other, I’ve aready mentioned is readitlater. A little firefox plug in – now available on iphones and android phones – fully synchronisable which allows you to quickly tick things you want to read later or bookmark.

The picture below shows it next to delicious.

photo of readitlater and next to delicious
readitlater and delicious

Perhaps the reason I like better is that it’s smaller, neater, cleaner I would say. Why should I open a web page just to access a bookmark? Hasty apologies if there is a way to do this now in delicious. There’s minimum branding in readitlater too. The tagging is really simple too. In the screen shot readitlater is an expandable toolbar but I generally have it as a pop-up.

And that’s  delicious done. I’m sure I could talk about the benefits of sharing my bookmarks with the rest of the world or just our library users. One of the problems with that is the separation of public professional and private professional functions, for me there is a real line between the two as well as an overlap. The solution would then be to create two sets of bookmarks, or three, four, five …

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