Slideshare: it’s not a tool to follow the stockmarket crashing

Before I embark on my reflection piece – late, late – I noticed I haven’t blogged about Thing 11; Slideshare. Well I love slideshare, I use it quite a lot as a resource for keeping current on a number of areas which interest me. I try to follow trends in Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) and slideshare is a brilliant way to do that. Better than youtube for me because it’s something I engage with more, I can pause, go back, read bits again: think about things. I will generally only watch slideshares if they come either with a transcript or/and a soundtrack. I often download them to my mp3 player or phone and watch them on the bus. Here is one of my favourite presentations; it’s called The Context Problem and is by Andrew Hinton

I like things about context.

So now in the context of posting anything that I’ve written myself to slideshare, I haven’t so far due to my not having produced anything worth uploading.

Oh, and I tried prezi, had a look at the echo chamber thing even though Miss Crail wisely warned against it. All I got was a blank screen. I waited, and waited and … nothing but a canvas of white surrounded by a tastefully gradiented and blurred frame border, with subtle “all the cool kids have’em” rounded corners. And you know what? From the title I thought it was a brilliant example of post-modern irony 2.0. Turns out I was wrong and the victim of a slight glitch. tried again later and, oh my goodness: if you have aging eyes, or generally bad eyes and are prone to migraines (possibly also motion sickness) keep well away from it, no good can come of it.

OK, am going to be very good and circumspect about all this and end now. Must save myself for reflection. I’ve got a feeling that may be a lengthy one.

One thought on “Slideshare: it’s not a tool to follow the stockmarket crashing

  1. Was getting a bit worried there because I saw lots of zoomy things, more fun than all those dodgy rides at Yarmouth. Maybe Iceland’s gin BOGOF is not such a good idea? Hope it didn’t bring on a migraine. I just looked at that, er, Prezintation, and back at a pathetic personal beginning to a Powerpoint, and said to myself ‘Look, there’s no hope, just open the window and jump’.

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