Oh my goodness

It’s starting all over again.  Should I be afraid? Excited? Or is this just the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to drag Miss Crail from her velvet lined chaise longue?

Let’s start a petition …

Meanwhile in our library: it’s revision time:

4 thoughts on “Oh my goodness

  1. Terribly sorry old bean, but the Crail Memorial Infotheque and Cafeteria [note name change] has major moves afoot this summer, so its Director may not be available to participate. The move bit isn’t terribly significant, but the fact that two young gentlemen have been, er, procured for her, most certainly is. Haven’t seen My Boys yet, but hopefully the ‘strong thighs and short shorts’ stipulation was adhered to. Anticipating a long summer of Peel-me-a-grape-Beulah-type strenuous activity, aka the Hurly Burly of the Chaise Longue. Now what did one do with the Max Factor Face Filler and Trowelette?

  2. Love the vid! What a shame he didn’t loaded up more, a la Crackerjack [don’t tell me, you’ve never heard of it…]
    Now, where’s that OTHER one you were working on, featuring book trolley…??

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