Current Earth Sciences Library News, No. 505 – The late due to technical problems edition


Equipoise in the form of Adam Law and Alumna Nicola Pocock will be giving a talk  on ‘A career in Oil and Gas Consulting’ on Tuesday 26 th

February 2013 at 6-7 pm , Harker  Room 2, Earth Sciences Department, with light refreshments served from 7 pm. See here for more details.

Why Earth Sci follow up?

Following from the last library news report on the #WhyEarthSci? question here is a chart of the results from the blog post entitled “Why Why Earth Science should be a key part of the Science curriculum” by  Tim Wright- scroll down to see the chart.

Some cool things to look at

Volcanoes: From the NASA Earth Observatory spectacular pictures of the Eruption of Sarychev Peak

and from WIRED magazine these lovely geological maps of volcanoes

Geodesy: Also from NASA we have this short history of Geodesy posted on Youtube

Fault lines from space:  From Commander Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency (who knew?);


You can read more about him here or follow him on Twitter by looking at his latest tweets, or if you’ve signed up to Twitter yourself follow him.

In the news

Now, that you’ve been declared less important than a shelf stacker – Iain Duncan Smith shelf-stacking jibe – the library hopes all the scanning undergraduates do when borrowing books will help them swiftly rise through the ranks and be on tills in no time.



Publications Brand New to eprint


Le Heron, D. P. (CASP) and Meinhold, Guido (CASP) and Page, A. A. (CASP) and Whitham, A. G. (CASP) (2013) Did lingering ice sheets moderate anoxia in the early Palaeozoic of Libya? Journal of the Geological Society . (In Press)

Maclennan, John (2013) Earth science: All rise for the case of the missing magma. Nature, 494 (7436). pp. 182-183. ISSN 0028-0836

Michele, Lorenzo Di and Eiser, Erika (2013) Developments in understanding and controlling self assembly of DNA-functionalized colloids. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15 (9). pp. 3115-3129. ISSN 1463-9084

Oravova, Lucie and Zhang, Zhiying and Church, Nathan S. and Harrison, Richard J. and Howard, Christopher J. and Carpenter, Michael A. (2013) Elastic and anelastic relaxations accompanying magnetic ordering and spin-flop transitions in hematite, Fe 2 O 3. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 25 (11). p. 116006. ISSN 0953-8984, 1361-648X

Pawlowska, Maria M. and Butterfield, Nicholas J. and Brocks, Jochen J. (2012) Lipid taphonomy in the Proterozoic and the effect of microbial mats on biomarker preservation. Geology . ISSN 0091-7613, 1943-2682

Salje, Ekhard K. H. and Carpenter, Michael A. and Nataf, Guillaume F. and Picht, Gunnar and Webber, Kyle and Weerasinghe, Jeevaka and Lisenkov, S. and Bellaiche, L. (2013) Elastic excitations in BaTiO_{3} single crystals and ceramics: Mobile domain boundaries and polar nanoregions observed by resonant ultrasonic spectroscopy. Physical Review B, 87 (1). 014106. ISSN 1098-0121, ESSN: 1550-235X

Smith, Martin R. (2013) Likelihood and parsimony diverge at high taxonomic levels. Cladistics . n/a–n/a. ISSN 1096-0031 (In Press)

Vincent, S. J. and Hyden, F. and Braham, W. (2013) Along-strike variations in the composition of sandstones derived from the uplifting western Greater Caucasus – causes and implications for reservoir quality prediction in the Eastern Black Sea. In: Sediment Provenance Studies in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production. Geological Society of London, London. (In Press)

Zalasiewicz, J. A. and Page, A. A. and Rickards, R. B. and Williams, M. and Wilby, P. R. and Howe, M. P. A. (2013) Polymorphic organization in a planktonic graptoloid (Hemichordata: Pterobranchia) colony of Late Ordovician age. Geological Magazine, 150 (1). pp. 143-152.

Zhang, Ming and Salje, Ekhard K. H. and Redfern, Simon A. T. and Bismayer, Ulrich and Groat, Lee A (2013) Intermediate structures in radiation damaged titanite (CaTiSiO 5 ): a Raman spectroscopic study. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 25 (11). p. 115402. ISSN 0953-8984, 1361-648X



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