Current Earth Sciences Library News, No. 520 – the sing along edition

Singalong News

Ladies & gentlemen: make the screen big, turn up the volume to 11, switch on the captions and put a big smile on your face, I give you the 1A (Arran B)’s The Geology of Arran Song

NERC call for research priorities

During 2014 NERC is introducing new ways of identifying and prioritising strategic scientific research that is needed in the environmental sciences. As we work closely with the environmental science community, this new approach will support us in delivering our strategy and contribute to meeting the societal challenges it identifies. Read on

Sentinel’s first iamges

The European Union’s new Sentinel-1a radar satellite has returned its first images of Earth.

While we’re with the BBC, here are Simon Redfern’s latest pieces for Aunty:

    • Science & Environment / 30 April 2014A citizen science project suggests climate change really has increased the risk of flooding in the UK. The issue has been highlighted by the recent…
    • Science & Environment / 29 April 2014Hawaiian volcanoes sometimes erupt as gentle flows of lava, but other times produce spectacular lava fountains. New data from centuries-worth…
    • Science & Environment / 15 April 2014Scientists have worked out the characteristics of the air on Mars 3.6 billion years ago. The work by a team of US researchers suggests that the…

A concise history of geological maps

Is a series written by David Bressan on his History of Geology ( blog hosted on the Scientific American web site, I recommend it

Something for the Undergrads

Taking Notes On Your Laptop Could Be Ruining Your Test Scores


Borah, Kajaljyoti and Rai, S. S. and Priestley, Keith F. and Gaur, V. K. (2014) Complex shallow mantle beneath the Dharwar craton inferred from Rayleigh wave inversion Geophysical Journal International. Geophysical journal international. (Submitted)

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Recently published


Bieler, Rüdiger and Mikkelsen, Paula M. and Collins, Timothy M. and Glover, Emily A. and González, Vanessa L. and Graf, D. L. and Harper, E. M. and Healy, J. and Kawauchi, Gisele Y. and Sharma, Prashant P. and Staubach, S. and Strong, E. E. and Taylor, John D. and Temkin, I. and Zardus, J. D. and Clark, S. and Guzmán, Alejandra and McIntyre, E. and Sharp, P. and Giribet, Gonzalo (2014) Investigating the Bivalve Tree of Life — an exemplar-based approach combining molecular and novel morphological characters. Invertebrate Systematics, 28 (1). pp. 32-115. ISSN 1445-5226, ESSN: 1447-2600

Keller, M. and Turchyn, A. V. and Ralser, M. (2014) Non-enzymatic glycolysis and pentose phosphate pathway-like reactions in the plausible Archean ocean. Molecular systems biology, 10 (04). ISSN 1744-4292, ESSN: 1744-4292

Tostevin, R. and Turchyn, A. V. and Bishop, J. K. and Eldridge, D. and Farquhar, J. and Johnston, D. T. (2014) Multiple sulfur isotope constraints on the sulfur cycle in the modern ocean. Earth and planetary science letters, 396. pp. 14-21. ISSN 0012821X



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