Current Earth Sciences Library News, No. 525, The Tiny Space Magnets Edition

Let’s start with something smashing!

Oh but first, a super welcome to all the new members of the department, I’m sure like everyone already here you’ll all become avid readers of the Library News.

NOW, I’m sure you all remember the delight you first felt upon hearing the Geology of Arran song, well now’s you’re chance to relive and recreate those emotions with the latest musical macédoine from the cleverest Earth Sciences students in the universe. Performed by Matthew Kemp (Chorus Part 1B Sedburgh group. Written by Lizzie Pearmain & Matthew Kemp. Filmed by Christopher Matthews

I give you

A Musical Melange of Mapping Melodies

Following on from the last edition’s theme James Jackson also made the news in the Kazakhstan media

Well worth the read – especially for a lay person like myself – the piece looks at the, very real, possibility of an earthquake happening in Almaty city. James was there as part of his work with Earthquake Without Frontiers. Do visit the site to find out more about they hope to achieve.

Luck and Lava, an Iceland follow up … as featured on the Cambridge Research Site



Tobba was featured on the AGU Blog also. Don’t miss the full interview in EOS either



Watch the eruption from inside the volcano (almost)


Did you know Maplin’s are selling drones for less than £400? Just saying.


If you take away only one thing from this library news, it’s this:

Get BrowZine. What is it? “BrowZine delivers thousands of academic journals to your iPad or Android tablet.” Or smart phone

Look at their video here

BrowZine allows you to access, easily & swiftly, all the academic journals that the University subscribes to. Rendering them in a format that you can read.

  • Go to your app provider, be it Apple or Android, search for BrowZine – download
  • The first time your use/run it you’ll need to select University of Cambridge from a drop down list
  • Enter your Raven usename & password, and get those papers
  • The system will remember your details so no need to log in repeatedly.

It is on trial until 30.11.2014. Please send feedback if you think this ought to be permanently available,



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Recently published

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