Current Earth Sciences Library News, No. 528, a glorious end to the Harper Year edition

Naked Science?

You may or may not have heard of the Naked Scientist podcast, a fun & approachable look at any number of science topic. Their 16th December ‘End of the world?’ featuring our own David Norman, and in a special ‘Foraging for Fossils’ edition you can also listen to Sarah Finney at the Brighton Building. This was produced by recent graduate Sara Sjosten.

A Game?

I’m assured this is a game but I can’t work out how to use, much like that 2014 thing.

Also, keep your kids entertained with the on-line spirograph

Thank you all for visiting and using the library. This edition is mostly fluff but please note 1 paper in Nature and 1 in Science. Not a bad way to end the year. Have lovely break and the library will be open again on Monday 5th January 2015. In case of librarianing emergencies, I will be checking my emails periodically.



Bunbury, Judith and Ikram, Salima (2014) Kharga Oasis: a Saharan patchwork of lakes. Egyptian Archaeology, 45. pp. 10-12. ISSN 0962-2837

Elmore, A. C. and Wright, J. D. and Southon, J. (2015) Continued meltwater influence on North Atlantic Deep Water instabilities during the early Holocene. Marine Geology, 360. pp. 17-24. ISSN 0025-3227

Fu, R. R. and Weiss, B. P. and Lima, E. A. and Harrison, R. J. and Bai, X.-N. and Desch, S. J. and Ebel, D. S. and Suavet, C. and Wang, H. and Glenn, D. and Le Sage, D. and Kasama, T. and Walsworth, R. L. and Kuan, A. T. (2014) Solar nebula magnetic fields recorded in the Semarkona meteorite. Science, 346 (6213). pp. 1089-1092. ISSN 0036-8075

Gersonde, R. and De Vernal, A. and Wolff, E. W. (2014) Quaternary Sea Ice Reconstruction: Proxy Data and Modeling. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 95 (46). p. 422. ISSN 2324-9250

Liu, Alexander G. S. C. and Kenchington, Charlotte G. and Mitchell, Emily G. (2014) Remarkable insights into the paleoecology of the Avalonian Ediacaran macrobiota. Gondwana Research. ISSN 1342-937X (In Press)

Peck, Lloyd S. and Clark, Melody S. and Power, Deborah and Rei, João and Batista, Frederico M. and Harper, Elizabeth M. (2014) Acidification effects on biofouling communities: winners and losers. Global Change Biology. ISSN 1354-1013 (In Press)

Perks, N. J. and Zhang, Zhiying and Harrison, R. J. and Carpenter, M. A. (2014) Strain relaxation mechanisms of elastic softening and twin wall freezing associated with structural phase transitions in (Ca,Sr)TiO3 perovskites. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 26 (50). p. 505402. ISSN 0953-8984

Sadekov, Aleksey Yu. and Bush, Flora and Kerr, Joanna and Ganeshram, Raja and Elderfield, Henry (2014) Mg/Ca composition of benthic foraminifera Miliolacea as a new tool of paleoceanography. Paleoceanography, 29 (10). 2014PA002654. ISSN 1944-9186

Sigmundsson, Freysteinn and Hooper, Andrew and Hreinsdóttir, Sigrún and Vogfjörd, Kristín S. and Ófeigsson, Benedikt G. and Heimisson, Elías Rafn and Dumont, Stéphanie and Parks, Michelle and Spaans, Karsten and Gudmundsson, Gunnar B. andDrouin, Vincent and Árnadóttir, Thóra and Jónsdóttir, Kristín and Gudmundsson, Magnús T. and Högnadóttir, Thórdís and Fridriksdóttir, Hildur María and Hensch, Martin and Einarsson, Páll and Magnússon, Eyjólfur and Samsonov, Sergey and Brandsdóttir, Bryndís and White, Robert S. and Ágústsdóttir, Thorbjörg and Greenfield, Tim and Green, Robert G. and Hjartardóttir, Ásta Rut and Pedersen, Rikke and Bennett, Richard A. and Geirsson, Halldór and La Femina, Peter C. and Björnsson, Helgi and Pálsson, Finnur and Sturkell, Erik and Bean, Christopher J. and Möllhoff, Martin and Braiden, Aoife K. and Eibl, Eva P. S. (2014) Segmented lateral dyke growth in a rifting event at Bárðarbunga volcanic system, Iceland. Nature. ISSN 0028-0836

Suckling, Coleen C. and Clark, Melody S. and Richard, Joelle and Morley, Simon A. and Thorne, Michael A. S. and Harper, Elizabeth M. and Peck, Lloyd S. and Webb, Tom (2014) Adult acclimation to combined temperature and pH stressors significantly enhances reproductive outcomes compared to short-term exposures. Journal of Animal Ecology. ISSN 00218790

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