Current Earth Sciences Library News, No. 532, the goodbye James edition

Closure news

The library will have no staff on Wednesday 1st April and also over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Back to normal on Tuesday

Arran Report (with deepest apologies to the current Arran group)

Well what a wonderful field trip location Arran is …

Sunset over Arran

Lochranza shore

I don’t think it ever rains … 

Rainbow over Brodick bay

& then only so you can have a lovely rainbow over the bay.

You get to see lots of rocks (of course) but…

There’s also plenty of wildlife, try to see the Scotland’s Big 5 

& if you’re lucky you witness some plucky demonstrators & students throw themselves in the balmy shallows of the Blackwaterfoot lagoon 

And it all ends with an eclipse.

A big thank you to every one who made this possible, it was truly outstanding. All the pictures can be found here 

Journals news

There’s a lot going on with journals right now, but these two stories caught my eye.

Nature offers a ‘fast track’ peer review service for $750 & Editor resigns over it

Professor Mark Maslin has resigned as an editor of Scientific Reports, one of Nature Publishing Group’s (NPG’s) open-access journals. This is in protest over NPG’s recent decision to allow authors to pay money to expedite peer review of their submitted papers. More from the UCL piece and from Science, you can also follow @ProfMarkMaslin on Twitter

This from the Washington Post “Major publisher retracts 43 scientific papers amid wider fake peer-review scandal”

This statement from Cope (Committee on publication ethics) on the matter

Useful mapping tool?

The OS has released a mapping tool that gives a detailed picture of local information in almost every corner of Great Britain has been released by Ordnance Survey (OS).

William Smith map found

Continuing to ramp up the excitement about the bicentennial of the William Smith map the Geological Society have announced they’ve found a misplaced copy of their own.

Video fun

Here’s a lovely montage of snaps taken at thel Sedgwick Club Conference


I’d like to thank Mumdood Passa for his inspiration on this issue of the Library News!


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