Library news, no. 534, The Scooter edition

Dutch boycott of Elsevier

Danny Kingsley the University’s head of scholarly communications examines the possible implications

“A long running dispute between Dutch universities and Elsevier has taken an interesting turn. Yesterday Koen Becking, chairman of the Executive Board of Tilburg University who has been negotiating with scientific publishers about an open access policy on behalf of Dutch universities with his colleague Gerard Meijer, announced a plan to start boycotting Elsevier.”  Read more

Now you may wonder where all the money goes and to whom, here’s a wonderful tool to help you answer all those questions:

Open access still have you confused? Why not go through this FAQ provided by the open access @ cambridge team

Ancient mini-monster head mystery solved – here’s how we did it

Javier Ortega-Hernándezb, Sylvain Gerber & Nick Butterfield’s latest paper was picked by the New York Times amongst many others


This from Martin Smith’s Nature paper

Simon Redfern shares with us his discovery of

 The Magna Carta of Geology

Here, you’ll find photos from the official unveiling of the ‘lost’ treasure

Undergrad Mapping Fame

Four of our intrepid mappers made the headlines in the Flin Flon Reminder earlier this summer, read all about the “aspiring geologists all the way from Britain” here (

This is a super & simple use of charts to illustrate a point


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Now published

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