Pedalo-ing down Niagra

Blogoteers Ahoy!

I set myself the task of looking at every blog that’s on the cam23 list. Wow. I feel tired, inspired, invigorated and quite overwhelmed by it all. So many voices; some timid & a little bewildered, others full of fun & boisterous, and quite a few going up and down the spectrum. Individual voices all, that sometimes morph into small, and large, choruses of opinions on the Things, that speak of the various levels of experience and confidence and a little bit of fear, voices of encouragement; offering support, to do the Things together, to muck in. The thread tying them all is enthusiasm for the new adventure. We are explorers now, pith helmets on and away we go … .

Pat on the back Everyone, I think.

Can I carry on reading them all? I think not if I want any semblance of a life away from work and/or cam23 things. (By the way does faffing with cam23 count as work faffing or personal faffing?) How do I chose? Should I set up a system? Rotating A – G one week, H – P the next and O – Z the third? What are others doing? Does anyone have a strategy? For now I’ll carry on looking at the headers in my feeds and see what takes my fancy.

Rss feeds – follow comments as well as posts?


I don’t include many links in my posts, I’ve noticed some do and some don’t. Links to me are bright shiny objects, I cannot resist them. They call to my short little attention span, singing their cursed siren song: “what’s here is sooooo much more interesting that the rest of the stuff below. Uhu, oh yeah.”

Changed my theme

I’ve changed my theme. I feel this one better reflects my current existential angst.

And not a cardigan in sight …

… And now, for your viewing and listening pleasure, have a hanky ready this might make you feel quite emotional:

2 thoughts on “Pedalo-ing down Niagra

  1. Have to say your blog design is really attractive, did you spend hours customising it yourself or did you get it off the peg?

  2. And also, really impressed that you took the time to take a look at all the other blogs. The team members will be looking at all of them as the course goes on so no one should feel they are blogging into an empty space, but comments from someone with your experience will be really welcome, especially for those less familiar with Web 2.0 stuff (and I include myself in that!). And yes to links. And thanks for the clip!

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